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Proofing Books

A proofing book comes standard in all wedding/family packages. What is a proofing book? A proofing book includes all your images (8 per page to be exact). The proofing book is bound by a spiral coil and includes a frosted cover and press printed pages that allow you to carry your entire collection with you. Even though you will have your images available via your online gallery and DVD/USB, a proofing book provides another medium to view your images. When viewing your images on a laptop/tablet/phone etc, you are seeing emitted light that comes straight out of your screen and into your eyes. A proofing book allows you to look at your images using reflected light which is a much more natural way to view your pictures and is a much more organic platform. Is a proofing book an album? No. A proofing book is a collection of all your images from start to finish. An album is a completely different type of book and includes the images that you select to tell the story of your day.

Renzo Albums

Our flush-mount Renzo Albums are hand-bound and made from fine art archival papers and inks. Albums start at 15 spreads (2 pages laid flat) and are defined by their lay-flat binding, custom covers (either a photo or solid colour leather) and unique panoramic layouts with no cuts. Albums are included in all our basic wedding packages because, well, they are the final culmination of your portfolio and provide a perfect documentation of your event. Albums serve to tell the story of your wedding day just as you'd like to remember it. You choose your images, we do the rest. 

Album Design & Spreads

All images for your album are selected by our clients by adding them to their favorites folder in their online proofing gallery. After that, we begin the process of laying out and designing your spreads. There is much more work that we put into designing your album than you may think. First, we sort all your saved images and begin to layout the story of your day. We must include linking images that help connect the images you select and create a left-to-right flow to your design. It is so important for us to design spreads that guide the viewer through your spreads starting with the top left and, without thinking, end at the bottom right hand corner. An album is much more than a collection of your favorite images. It is the complete story of your day using your favorite pictures as a base. We prefer to use lots of negative space to draw attention to important details, highlight images that span most of a spread, and mini collages of parts of your day that need to rely on other images to create a clear story. 

Album Sample #1 (Flip Through)

Album Sample #2 (Flip Through)

Delux Album - If you're looking for something a little different, our Delux Album is it. We design the same style layouts in the Vision Album, however, the Delux Album is quite different. Including various sizing options, cover options and styles. Pages are made with foam core centres to give them extra strength and thickness and come standard with handbound internal bindings and page mounting. These albums are an add on to the included Vision Album and start around $200 as an upgrade to your 10x10 Vision Album. Please inquire for more information about these albums.

Engagement/Guest Sign Albums

Looking for something unique to add to your wedding day memories? We now offer our new Guest Signing Book as a great way to show off your engagement pictures and to record those special guest messages all in the same place. Guest Signing Books are available as a 10x10 and are printed on white foam core textured press paper - perfect to be used with pen and marker.

AVENUE BOOK - starting at $250 with various options to choose from like a photo wrap cover, embossing, and custom text (please inquire for more details). This is a very unique album from any other table top book on the market today. Pages are scored to give the lay flat look. The Avenue Book is our most popular type of album for guest sign books. They are versatile and can easily handle lots of handling from kids to adults. 

Engagement Album Sample (Flip Through)

Soft Cover Book - Starting at $90 these albums include a perfect bound spine and are press printed on high quality paper. These albums are included in some of our packages with an engagement session. These albums are a low-cost and fun way to show off your engagement or family photo session.