Toronto Wedding Photography - Stephanie & Conor's Spring Wedding - Rosewater + One King West Hotel

Stephanie and Conor's wedding at the luxurious Rosewater in downtown Toronto was filled with so many special moments and emotions that it is difficult to summarize in a short blog post. We had come to know Stephanie and Conor quite well through our two previous engagement sessions and learned a lot about their relationship and how the big day would be the first time Conor's family, many arriving from Ireland, would meet Stephanie's family. So, Sheena, Vivek and I were all excited to be a part of the day and watch the events unfold as we tried to capture as many moments as we could. Sheena and I first met Stephanie getting ready in her fancy bridal suite at the Omni King Edward hotel that was not too far from the church or the venue. Plus, the King Edward is such a gorgeous hotel and it gave us even more great options for pictures as we started the day. Vivek, meanwhile, met Conor at the church nearby to capture the details of the historic church. After spending about an hour with the ladies at the hotel, we made our way to the church just in time to see Stephanie and her bridesmaids pulling up in their polished white limo. Despite the astounding size and presence of the church once inside, there was a very intimate feeling inside as the warmth and love from Stephanie and Conor's friends and family made the space feel small and cozy.

Right after the best part of the day, when we see a bride and groom exchange vows and seal the deal with a kiss, we were off to one of our favorite venues in the city to photograph - One King West hotel. Stephanie and Conor had mentioned how much they love the chandeliers at the hotel so we made a point of including them as much as possible. It was great working with a bit more time in the schedule that we're used to having so we had extra time to have fun working with different corners and walls around the venue and to make sure we didn't forget about the amazing wedding party hanging out with us. Next up, we walked east on King St. West toward the Rosewater and, as the bride and groom were getting honked by almost every car driving by on this busy Saturday, we made a few extra stops like a small tucked-away Irish pub (what a coincidence) and spent a bit of time at the Rosewater before joining all the guests at the reception upstairs.

Stephanie and Conor's reception included a complete spectrum of emotion. Some of the most memorable moments for us were the touching surprise video messages sent from Conor's family who were unable to make the trip to Toronto, the extraordinary Irish dancers who kept the guests and us well entertained (we still can't believe how fast these girls could move their feet), the fun extra-long cake-cutting experience and a special dance rehearsed and flawlessly performed by the newlyweds after dessert. It was such a pleasure working with both Stephanie and Conor before and during this special day and we really could hear, through all the speeches we listened to throughout the night, just how special both of these individuals are to their family and friends and how happy everybody was to see both families become one. Thank you for trusting us and having along for the ride. We wish you both all the best in life as you start your brand new lives together!

Gary, Sheena & Vivek