Toronto Wedding Photography - Shikha & Derek's Wedding - Day 2 - Liberty Grand, Toronto

Day 2 of Shikha and Derek’s wedding seemed to do the impossible - match the intensity, love and excitement that we all were a part of just a few hours earlier. It started with a quick visit with Shikha and her bridesmaids getting ready at the Shangri-La Hotel in the heart of Toronto where we had a bit of time to capture the action and take lots of details of her dress and jewelry before we quickly made our way over the Derek and the guys who had rented an Air BNB near the venue. The groomsmen were so much fun to hang around and I had to continuously remind Sheena to make sure I didn’t party too hard which is my first instinct when there’s a lot of fun going on. We made sure to squeeze in some creative group shots in the neighbourhood before heading over to the swanky Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex where Shikha and Derek would be married. However, we did not know what surprises would unfold throughout the night and we were constantly amazed by the details and shows the couple had planned including some amazing Bhangra dancers, a Chinese lion dance and a first dance serenaded by Derek’s brother-in-law who silenced the large audience with his skills. With so many events and moments taking place throughout the night it is difficult to put it all into words so that’s why we do what we do best - take pictures. Enjoy the highlights from day 2 of this amazing day with an equally amazing couple!

Gary + Sheena