Toronto Wedding Photography - Shikha & Derek's Wedding - Day 1 - Markham, Ontario

Shikha and Derek are a perfect match for each other. We could sense it the first time we met them a long while back but we didn't know exactly how perfect they were for each other until we had the opportunity to photograph their wedding and spend the day with them and all their amazing family and friends. The best part for us was that we go to do this twice in a row!! The schedule for Shikha and Derek's Indian wedding celebrations looked quite intense and jam packed with so many different elements and it all started quite early in the morning where we first met Shikha and her bridesmaids enjoying the rising sun and getting all the fine details of their hair and makeup finished. They all looked so stunning in their colourful Indian dresses alongside Shikha who turned everybody's head when she entered in her traditional dress and adorned with traditional jewelry. We loved being a part of the excitement and it was so amazing to really feel the love and connection between Shikha and her bridesmaids and to have the opportunity to document it for them. 

As quickly as the morning started, it was soon time for us to make our way to the Markham Convention Centre to meet all of Shikha and Derek's family and friends who were eagerly awaiting for the barat ceremony when Derek would arrive on a white horse to meet his new family. Of course, Derek would need a parade of best friends, music, live drumming, megaphones, and, the absolutely necessary, large cut-outs of Derek's smiling face. After both families had met and welcomed each other, Shikha and Derek were married with a lovely traditional Indian ceremony. It was then time to jump into the party bus and head over to nearby Unionville where we would all relax and enjoy a stroll around the small town while having lots of fun with an awesome wedding party who treated us like we had been best friends our entire lives. Shikha and Derek were so calm and cool, despite the day starting before sunrise, and were open to any ideas we had. They really brought so much energy and excitement to the day that we were able to create something quite special for them. 

Usually, at the end of the day when we say good-bye it is bitter-sweet because, after spending so much time working with a couple during one of the most important days of their lives, we don't see them for quite a while after that. But, on this day it was just the sweet part because we were going to celebrate an entirely new wedding day with them when the sun rose again. We will post day 2 shortly!

Gary + Sheena