Toronto Wedding Photography - Linda & Neal's Lakefront Wedding - Boulevard Club, Toronto - ON

We can’t say enough positive things about our experience working with Linda and Neal to photograph their love and excitement as they celebrated their wedding in style at the Boulevard Club in Toronto, Ontario. From the beginning of the day when we arrived to find Linda and her bridesmaids preparing in the bridal suite to the end of the night as we said goodbye on the packed dance floor, these newlyweds were simply happy to be beside each other. Despite the heat, downtown traffic, and the crowds of the Canadian National Exhibition, Linda and Neal did not let anything get in their way and we decided to take an Uber to Trillium Park which was not too far away. There are so many interesting elements in the park and by simply walking down the main path would lead us to perfect views of the city, a typical Ontario highway bridge, a huge rock face and lots of native fauna and flowers. It was so much fun for us to find just the right angles and perspectives to really blend a romantic and personal feel to the images with the shapes and lines of the art that surrounded us. After a few hours of wandering through the beautiful grounds, we headed back to the venue to meet up with Linda and Neal’s wedding party out on the docks before watching the two tie the knot inside. We loved capturing all the raw emotion that presented itself as Linda and Neal exchanged vows and rings in front of their families and friends from all over the world. We knew that music plays a special role in Linda and Neal’s relationship so it was no surprise they wanted to perform a song together. However, planning a first dance together that was well rehearsed and choreographed weeks before this night was something we were not expected but so glad to be a part of. Their grand entrance to the dance caught everybody by surprise and then the two continued to wow the guests with a flawless performance. The rest of the night was a time to let loose and dance the night away with late night music and food. It was such a pleasure working with you both and we appreciate your dedication and determination to make sure we could give you the the best possible images!

Gary + Sheena