Toronto Wedding Photography - Caitlin & Francesca's Intimate Backyard Wedding - Toronto, Ontario

What more can we say about Caitlin and Francesca's intimate backyard wedding other than it was one of the most memorable weddings we've photographed in a long time. Having a wedding in your own backyard can be stressful enough and there are always lots of unforeseen scenarios that can happen to distract a couple from the highlights of their wedding day on top of thinking about unfavourable weather conditions, having lots of people in a small space, making sure there is enough food/drinks for the night, etc. However, when you surround yourself with such intense love and compassion from all your friends and family, there is nothing that can get in the way of making your wedding the most special day in your life. This was exactly the case last weekend when Caitlin and Francesca tied the knot in their beautifully decorated backyard that included so many small, yet meaningful details like embroidered backdrop hand-made by Caitlin, and the hankies for happy tears. 

There were also many surprises that were so fun to capture. Francesca serenading guests with a acoustic version of "In Your Eyes", Caitlin's daughter, Maddie, talking the guests through a few quiet moments of mindful meditation and a few sisters dressing up to perform a custom song about the brides. Once the party started and the DJ set the mood for a wild night, the night became a blur of dancing, singing, drinking, and love for the moment. It was hard to NOT take a picture of somebody smiling or hugging other guests, Sheena and both were made to feel like family and we truly appreciated being a part of this amazing night in Toronto. Thanks for having us and we can't wait to hear about all the details from the upcoming honeymoon! xo

Gary + Sheena