Toronto Family Photography - Family Fun at the Farm - Peterborough, ON

We love photographing families, especially when they're at home in their natural element. Having a small family farm is such an important part of life for Emily and Mike so it was the perfect place to set up a family photo session with extended family (and their pets, of course). The weather was absolutely amazing for a session like this where we are outdoors for the majority of time. We had to make sure we controlled the sun and used various sides of the buildings to make sure we had nice lighting and didn't have any squinting eyes. Organizing such a large group has its challenges but it also has so many great aspects like giving each family some time for their own pictures as well as having all the grandkids and cousins group together for some fun, casual poses. And, what better way to end a family photo shoot on the farm than with a vintage tractor straight from the farm house. It was such a fun prop to use and we loved how well it worked to give each family a unique portrait. Thanks for having us and we hope to see everybody again soon!

Gary + Sheena