Toronto Bat Mitzvah Photography - A Special Evening with Sydney - Uptown Loft

We were really excited to be a part of Sydney's bat mitzvah at the Uptown Loft after hearing about some of the fun details and surprises that were planned for the night. Sydney's bat mitzvah ceremony was also going to take place at the beginning of the evening which would give us ample opportunity to photograph more of the intimate moments and subtle glances that tend to take place as family and guests are much more reflective and connected during the spiritual aspect of the event. Prior to the guests arriving in the early evening, we had some time to take family pictures as well some fun images with the bat mitzvah girl. We had learned that Sydney loved her penny skateboard and journaling so we made sure to remind her to bring these meaningful items with her to add a personal touch. We were really tight for time as the service was about to begin so we found a quiet spot in the venue and quickly had Sydney pose and show off her fun side. I wish he had more time as it was great working with Sydney and seeing just how excited she was for the big night, but the rabbi was ready to begin and we didn't want to get in the way of an important turning point in Sydney's life.

The service brought the room together and it was so nice to see guests holding each other and making such an effort to follow along and join in with Sydney and her family as they read prayers and personal reflections about Sydney and her family. However, this night was all about the party so, as soon as Sydney was bombarded by the traditional throwing of the candy to officially recognize Sydney's milestone, it was time to take the night to another level. Apart from the dancing, singing, prize winning, getting your own personalized lip balm, and playing Sydney trivia games, Sydney also made sure to include a part of night that gave to others less fortunate. So, what we thought was such a fabulous idea, Sydney had set up a part of the room with various items that are needed for school and had everybody fill up a funky backpack while leaving a personal note for the receiving student. It was a powerful part of the night and reminded everybody the importance of thinking about others even when it feels like the entire world is celebrating with you.

Sydney and your family, thank you for having us spend this amazing evening with you. We know how special these moments are and love being a part of them. All the best in life to you and we hope you enjoy your pictures as much as we do!

Gary + Sheena