Toronto Wedding Photography - Tracy & Ryan's Late Summer Celebration - Mississauga Convention Centre

Tracy and Ryan couldn't be more of a perfect match for each other. They complement each other on so many levels and it was no more evident than when Sheena, Vivek and I spent their end-of-summer wedding day with them at the modern Mississauga Convention Centre a few weekends back. We were super excited to work with Tracy and Ryan after taking their engagement pictures around the Portlands in Toronto a few months ago. We saw how carefree and optimistic both of them were about the thought of spending their lives together and we really noticed how Tracy and Ryan always seemed to say the right thing to each other to get the laugh we needed or to finish each other's thoughts so that each idea made perfect sense. I couldn't even image the idea of Tracy and Ryan NOT marrying each other! So, when we first arrived at Ryan's house to start the day we were not surprised at all to see him and his friends and family having a blast and enjoying this special time of the day. We had about an hour to spend with Ryan and his groomsmen before making sure to head outside for some urbanesque shots and to take pictures with some of his closest relatives before heading over to Tracy's house nearby.

Not to our surprise, the mood at Tracy's house was equally as festive and we had absolutely no problem capturing Tracy, her bridesmaids and family enjoying the morning excitement that was quickly building as her vintage Bentley arrived to pick her and the girls up. This part of the day is usually so busy that it can be difficult having some time to work with just the bride alone as everybody wants a piece of her before she walks down the aisle. However, things were moving so well that we did have a few minutes with our lovely bride and used some amazing soft window light that appeared just in time. Then, as quickly as we arrived, it was time to head over to the church where we were part of Tracy and Ryan's beautiful ceremony where they were surrounded by the brilliant colours of the sun streaming through the stained glass windows that seemed to wrap themselves around them and affirm their commitment to each other.

Immediately following the ceremony we headed over to Riverwood Park where we had about an hour to work with Tracy and Ryan. We hadn't previously photographed an event there and we were all really impressed with the intimacy, classic architecture and natural fauna that was all around us. We wish he had another hour or two to continue exploring but it was time to make our way over the Convention Centre where the day exploded into an array of music, dancing, eating, drinking and everything in between. Tracy and Ryan's wedding day was truly an event that we are sure everybody in attendance will remember for a long time. We were so glad to be a part of your day and we wish you both only the best as your start your new lives together. Thanks for having us!

Gary, Sheena + Vivek