Toronto Family Photography - Sarah, Ryan & Baby Benson

It was hot. It was humid. It was muggy. It was the perfect time for a family photo session with baby Benson and his parents right down the street from us in the beautiful beaches neighbourhood of Toronto. Surprisingly, Benson was in a wonderful mood and we really didn't need to take many pictures in order to capture him smiling and loving life with his mom and dad. We strolled down the street to the shady Glen Manor Park which has a wide variety of photographic elements like it's iron pedestrian bridge, gorgeous houses and stunning landscaping. Not once during the entire session did Benson look uncomfortable or bothered by the heat (I can't say the same for the rest of us :). We ended up down by the lake where the sand felt like burning coals but worth the fast walk on our tiptoes to the rocks on the water backed by the city skyline for a few more family pictures. We are so glad to have met Benson and to have helped document his first years of life down by the lake! Thanks for having us,

Gary + Sheena