Toronto Engagement Photography - Samantha & Larry - Tommy Thompson Park + Polson Pier

We loved the idea of photographing Samantha and Larry's engagement session at Tommy Thompson Park - Toronto's man-made peninsula that extends 5 km out into beautiful Lake Ontario. Like Samantha and Larry's relationship, this is a very special place in the city with so many unique elements to it that make it like no other around. We arrived to meet Samantha and Larry at the main entrance gate that opened to a long and winding road that seemed to stretch on as far as the horizon. It was so great to see how eager the soon-to-be-newlyweds were to start the engagement session that we quickly stopped to one side of the road to pull in the beautiful afternoon sun rays and a dense canopy that seemed to light up with a million different shades of green. There were also small little spaces that seemed like they were waiting just for Samantha and Larry like the perfectly placed twin set of boulders we used to sit on for an intimate image, the small dip in the hill that made a natural vignette and spot to enjoy each other's company or the "lone-wolf" puddle that existed where no others seemed to. We then came across a bizarre, industrial building that had no business being there, but it gave us a good variety of opportunities to include some shadows and leading lines into Samantha and Larry's portfolio. We then decided to head back to our cars and drive around the area and away from the park as we knew there were some funky bridges and garage doors we could use before ending at Polson Pier for a  absolutely stunning sunset behind the city skyline. All these unique locations that we visited would mean nothing without this amazing couple as our main subjects. Samantha and Larry were patient, adventurous, free-spirited and they really trusted us with capturing this important time in their lives. They also seemed to really enjoy the session and managed to snap a few selfies at the end to remember this fun experience. It was a pleasure working with the both of you and we wish you all the best as you start your new lives together!

Gary + Sheena