Toronto Engagement Photography - Tracy & Ryan - Polson Pier

Tracy and Ryan were a rare gem of a couple that Sheena and I rarely get to meet and work with. They arrived to meet us at Cherry Beach on a stunning evening in late June and, from the very first click of the shutter, Tracy and Ryan were 100% ready to be themselves and enjoy every second of the experience. They didn't try to act or pose a certain way and just followed their own sense of love and affection. Sheena and I really didn't have to say much or do much in terms of prompting this fabulous couple. For this engagement session, we were able to use any space, any location or any idea and we knew that the final result would be a great image of the soon-to-be newlyweds. We didn't have an immediate plan of action for our journey during the engagement session, but we slowly ended up making our way to one of the best views of the city to get a nice variety of nature and urban elements into the pictures. We then headed back to the beach for a few more pictures to capture the last remaining seconds of sunlight which provided the perfect atmosphere that truly reflected this wonderful couple. We can't wait to be a part of your big day coming up soon!

Gary + Sheena