Toronto Family Photography - James, Ben & Co - Toronto West End

One of the biggest thrills for Sheena and I is returning to photograph a growing family with a brand new addition. This was exactly the case when we spent time with Carly, Shaun and their little guys James and baby brother Ben (who was about 4 months when we met him). It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we arrived to the family's west end home and got busy spending time in the most obvious place you'd imagine - mom and dad's bedroom! In this case, we all jumped on the bed (including myself at times to get just the right angle) as well as the family dog who looked right at home. We then spent some time around the house finding meaningful spots and little sections that compositionally worked well. We couldn't resist heading out front as well seeing how we have a brilliant blazing sun and used some fauna and greenery to make sure all the focus of the images were on the only thing that mattered - mom, dad and their beautiful boys (and dog, too). Thanks so much for having us back and we hope to see you soon!

Gary + Sheena