Toronto Engagement Photography - Alana & Kevin - Little Italy and Humber Bay Bridge

We had such a fun time hanging out with Alana and Kevin last week for their engagement session around one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Toronto - Little Italy. Not only is this a fantastic location to get lost in only to find amazing backdrops, alleyways and hidden shops, but it's also the same neighbourhood that Alana and Kevin call home. We met in the late afternoon at their house just around the corner from the main drag and we could immediately tell that we were going to have a blast working such a fun, carefree couple and we could really notice how effortlessly Alana and Kevin could get close and intimate in front of the camera which doesn't necessarily come easy for many couples when starting an engagement session. However, it does mean that Sheena and I could spend more time finding funky compositions and artistic elements around us knowing that we just needed to place Alana and Kevin and they would take care of the most important part of the image - capturing their love and excitement and enjoying the moment together. We walked around College St. for a while and made sure to hit all the important spots along the way including Bitondo's Pizza, Dolce Gelato, as well as a lone cherry blossom tree which are very difficult to find this year. We then made our way over the Humber Bay Arch Bridge crossing our fingers for a sunset and felt like we had the entire bridge to ourselves. Aside from being such a distinct landmark in the city, the park around the bridge also has a small beach and boardwalk that meanders around the lake and offers a stunning view of the city. It really felt like the perfect place to end our evening together and, despite the threat of rain, clouds and wind all evening, we avoided all of them and even found a beautiful sun setting in the horizon behind us as the last bits of daylight disappeared. We are so excited to spend an entire day hanging out with Alana and Kevin on their big day in June. Thanks for a wonderful engagement session!

Gary + Sheena