Toronto Wedding Photography - Wendy & Rodrigo's Spring Wedding - Boulevard Club

Wendy and Rodrigo welcomed the unofficial start to the summer wedding season with the first absolutely brilliant day of the year when they tied the knot at the classic Boulevard Club located right on Toronto's fabulous water front. We were really looking forward to photographing their big day because this was going to be a very intimate wedding with lots of surprises including both families meeting for the first time on the weekend. We started the day apart as Sheena and Vivek spent some time with Wendy at her maid of honour's condo while I met Rodrigo and his best man/family at a different condo nearby. We soon left to meet up at Toronto City Hall where Rodrigo would see his bride for the first time and we would have about an hour with the soon-to-be newlyweds. Luckily, we had great weather because we didn't have much of a backup plan for the day! We used the immediate space around the Toronto Sign/Skating Rink before heading to the venue where we made a point of using the docks and calm waters for some unique backdrops. It is so great having Sheena as a second set of eyes so that we can capture all the moments from completely different perspectives. In this case, I was on the docks with Wendy and Rodrigo capturing some fun moments up close while Sheena was up top thinking about a different artistic approach. We also had Vivek capturing the building excitement of the guests preparing to be part of a special ceremony while anxiously waiting inside. Before we knew it, it was time to get married so we made our way back to the club for Wendy and Rodrigo to exchange their vows and start their new lives together. Being in the solarium meant that we could get a multiple perspectives inside and outside, especially for the first dance that started the afternoon off just perfectly. Guests were also treated to surprise games, a personal ukulele performance by Rodrigo to his new wife and an awesome salsa dance later on in the afternoon out on the veranda. 

We loved being around the joy and love between two families meeting each other and beginning new lives and relationships. It felt as though we were a part of two amazing events on this day as, not only Wendy and Rodrigo tying the knot, but their immediate families were joining together as well and we can only imagine all the wonderful stories everybody will all share from this point forward. Thank you so much for trusting us with such a great day and we know the days to come for the both of you will be as brilliant and glowing as your wedding day.

Gary, Sheena + Vivek