Toronto Wedding Photography - Tammy & Jonny are Married! - Eglinton Grand

January is the new August when it comes to weddings this year! Or, at least it definitely felt that way when we spent the day with Tammy and Jonny who had the foresight to book their wedding day on one of the warmest winter days in the middle of winter I can remember. On top of that, their venue was the classic Eglinton Grand in Toronto which is located right near the heart of mid-town and perfect for strolling around the area on a beautiful day. 

We first met Tammy and Jonny at the venue and spent around an hour walking around the neighbourhood and using all the amazing elements around us like reflections off of store front windows, the cool architecture scattered throughout the retail area, as well as inside the venue as well. Tammy and Jonny had mentioned that they didn't want too many "posed" pictures so it was fun to be around them and just capture their experience together before walking down the aisle. Both Tammy and Jonny were cool, calm and super excited - the perfect conditions to take awesome wedding pictures.

Back at the venue, we spent some more time taking family pictures before heading upstairs for the traditional bedeken where the marriage license is signed and the groom double checks his bride to make sure she is the correct person he is about to marry. Luck have it that Tammy was in deed the right person so it was time to get married.

The ceremony started with a solo violinist entering the room followed by immediate family and Jonny himself. It was a very special ceremony that maintained an aire of unconditional happiness and joy that was quite evident while watching the families experience the ceremony under the chuppah. With the shattering of glass under Jonny's foot, it was time to party and this wedding did not disappoint.

The reception started with a crazy hora that seemed to go on forever. Aside from the dancing, jumping and spinning, there was flipping, rolling and airborne family and friends taking this introduction to the next level! When everybody was finally back on their two feet, guests were treated to a personal serenade by the bride's father to his daughter and new son-in-law, such honest and endearing speeches, as well as an awesome band providing the energy for the night; all surrounded by dancing lights that filled the room in this amazing venue.

By the time our night was over, we had a hard time finding the bride and groom as they were busy dancing in and among the guests which was no surprise at all knowing how much they were enjoying their wedding day. It was such a pleasure to work with a wonderful couple who never once showed any concern about the possible weather conditions they may encounter in January or the potential for the schedule not to go as planned. All Tammy and Jonny wanted was each other and to begin a new life with each other. It was no surprise at all then that they were presented with a perfect day and night which is definitely a reflection of things to come. Thanks for trusting Sheena, Vivek and I with your wedding pictures and we can't wait to see you both soon!

Gary, Sheena + Vivek