Toronto Wedding Photography - Alycia & Rob's Fall Wedding - Doctor's House - Kleinberg, Ontario

It was one of those perfect late summer/early fall Saturday mornings when we arrived at Alycia and Rob's hotel to start their wedding day with them. Based on our time spent together during their engagement session at the Evergreen Brickworks, we knew that Alycia and Rob simply wanted to have fun and to be themselves. They weren't looking for anything overly posed or too abstract which worked well for us because, as a team, we work our best in the background and capture what is already happening. We had lots of time to hang out with Alycia in her suite with her sister and mom as they enjoyed the quiet hours of the day. Vivek and I visited Rob and his best man hanging out upstairs in their suite. It was nice to have more than a few minutes working with the guys because it's a great time to capture the little parts of an amazing friendship that present themselves during monumental events like a wedding day. Groomsmen never flinch at helping dress the groom, tightening his tie or even adjusting pants and belt buckles that probably doesn't happen outside this day. Alycia and Rob then met each other out front before we headed over to the McMichael Art Gallery that we nearby. 

Sheena, Vivek and I were super excited to get to have a bit of time working with the bride, groom and wedding party at the art gallery because of the amazing integration between natural and art. The backdrop of a picture perfect Canadian forest made this a wonderful location to capture Alycia and Rob together. The only thing that would have gotten in our way would be rain but, luckily, we were working under bright blue skies and a brilliant sun. Having photographed at the gallery prior we knew our way around and made sure to stop by Tom Thompson's original studio that was moved from Toronto, the outside facade of the gallery that incorporated trees from the nearby woods and even the roof that we all oddly noticed and agreed would make a fun picture is used correctly. Then it was off to the Doctor's House in beautiful Kleinberg, Ontario where Alycia and Rob tied the knot and rang the ceremonial wedding bell to signal the beginning of their new lives together.

We had so much fun getting to know some of the new guests and meeting old friends as all the guests enjoyed cocktail our in the outdoor patio overlooking the chapel. It was easy to get caught up with lots of different conversations going on and before we knew it, Alycia and Rob made their grand entrance as they danced their wedding song that was performed live by one of Alycia and Rob's best friends, Mike. Usually, there are a few minor hitches along the way during a long wedding day. It could be that somebody is running late, the weather turns grey, or traffic, but on Alycia and Rob's day there was not a single thing at all that held us back from enjoying what truly felt like a perfect day together. Alycia and Rob were amazing to work with and completely trusted our vision the entire time. They weren't scared to walk in some thick shrub for us or walk barefoot down a rocky path to get to the river for a unique picture. We had a lovely time working with you both and being around all your family and friends. All the best in your new lives together!

Gary, Sheena + Vivek