Toronto Family Photography - Max, Jake & Co.

A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of visiting Max, Jake + Mom and Dad at their home in Toronto. We love when parents have special ideas that they want us to create, like using a pot to put their little guy in just like they did with a previous picture for their first baby. After getting a tour of the house and spending time hanging out with Max as he showed us his room and superb reading skills, we spent a bit of time with each parent so that they can have their own little special moments with their kids that doesn't necessarily happen when working with the entire family unit. We try to use as much space around the house as we can to get a good variety of images and natural backgrounds. Since it was just a pleasant morning, we went outside and around the neighbourhood to enjoy the weather and sneak in a few more pictures before our time was up. Even though we're still in high wedding photography season, it's so nice to have a change of pace and spend time photographing families in between. Thanks for having us!

Gary + Sheena