Toronto Wedding Photography - Alexandra & Nathan - BAYT


I have never left a wedding so sweaty and energized as I did back in late August when I was heading out from Alexandra and Nathan's fabulous wedding at BAYT. But, this night starts back in the morning when Sheena, Vivek and I arrived at the beautiful synagogue in Thornhill, Ontario where we met up with Alexandra getting reading with her close friends and family as the rising excitement of the day began to unfold. Sheena and Vivek left soon after to find the perfect locations for dress and shoes photos while I left to find Nathan and his crew having a blast in the official "GROOM'S ROOM". The guys were great to be around and after half an hour or so, it was time for Alexandra and Nathan's first look in the main lobby before heading to the Shouldice Clinic nearby. This spectacular hospital has an amazing grounds complete with open fields, ponds, rivers and dense forested areas. We moved around the grounds and found some great spots that we chose while also making sure to include some fun and silly picture ideas requested by the bride and groom. As usual, this time with the bride and groom seems to move so fast for us that, before we knew it, we had to leave to get ready for the ceremony back at BAYT.

With so many guests in attendance, it was very easy to feel the love and happiness that filled the sanctuary. It was really nice to see so many different family members and guests play important roles in the ceremony for the bride and groom. After sealing their marriage with a kiss it was time for this epic party to start.

With such a large wedding party, the main entrance into the reception was fast and furious and this wedding party looked ready to rock and roll. Jewish weddings typically begin the night with the hora dance, however, this dance started to feel more like a mosh pit as Nathan's friends made sure this would be different than any other. Not soon into the dance did Nathan emerge flying through the arms of his friends before jumping over them and then getting tossed around in the air riding the arms of what felt like hundreds of guests. The speeches that followed were witty, entertaining and extremely sentimental.

Throughout the night one couldn't help but notice the sheer love emanating from Alexandra and Nathan and this really revealed itself during their first dance as they couldn't stop smiling while looking into each other's eyes. As the night moved on, there was a small break for prayers which, under normal circumstances, can be the unofficial signal that the end of the night is getting close. This wasn't the case for on this night as the best men grabbed the mic immediately following the break and commanded the stage. They had the band throw on a track and picked up the party to a new level that was so fun to be around. It was hot and rough moving through the dance floor as so many guests were having the times of their lives and dancing like there was no tomorrow. Soon after it was time for us to leave, but we couldn't stop talking about all the action of the day on the ride home. Thanks so much for having us document this amazing day and we wish Alexandra and Nathan all the best in their new lives together. If their wedding is any indication of what it to come, it's going to be a fun ride!

Gary, Sheena + Vivek