Toronto Wedding Photography - Jodi & Ian's Wedding - Hockley Valley Resort, Mono - Ontario

Spending Jodi and Ian's wedding day together was such a fun experience to be a part of. The groomsmen were at their finest and really made so many great pictures happen simply through their personalities coming through and their raw happiness for Ian. I had a really great time getting to know the guys and listening to their ideas for pictures and working with them to make the images happen. 

Sheena spent her time with Jodi and the girls getting ready in their suite. Lots of laughs and special moments happen during the morning before the bride and groom see each other so it's great for us to be able to split up and capture all sides of the wedding story.   

Following the intimate ceremony, Jodi and Ian were so excited to finally tie the knot they had to make several stops along the exit route to kiss and embrace each other. It was so nice to see and gave us tons of great pictures during this very special time of the day.

We had a bit of time to work with the newlyweds prior to their grand entrance to the party so we used a few areas outside the main building as backdrops. We also were lucky enough to hit the sunset at the perfect time and used the brilliant warm colour to reflect the pure joy we could feel between Jodi and Ian. The reception was so much fun and the ups and downs of emotions throughout the night from laughing out loud to introspective thinking allowed us to get such a detailed capturing of the night. Everybody loves looking at the pictures that put a smile on your face but it's also important that your images give you a wide range of emotions as you look through them - just like the big day.

As the party started to pop, out came the LED batons and mixed with electro-house music, turned their reception into a giant club. So much fun to be in the middle of, what felt like hundreds, glowing foam batons while trying to capture the action and dancing. It was such a perfect ending to what was a fabulous wedding day!

Gary + Sheena + Vivek