Toronto Engagement Photography - Cloris & Chao - Guildwood Park

Sheena and I met up with Cloris and Chao last week at a a very cool location in the east of the city. Guildwood Park is a like no other and can really trick you into believing that you are somewhere in Europe or Southeast Asia if you let your mind go free. So, it is no wonder why Cloris and Chao wanted their engagement photo session here and why Sheena and I were really excited about this day. We spent our time wandering around the grounds and quickly using the artifacts and having fun before anybody else stepped in. After a quick change of clothes, we used the front of the grounds for a different look for their images. I hadn't been to that part of the park before and was surprised to see a tennis court and some funky sheds and statues that we used to compose the pictures. We were left with a magnificent sunset and had a blast working with Cloris and Chao. Can't wait for their big day this summer!

Gary + Sheena