Art + Compositions Everywhere - Disney World - Orlando, Florida

Most people think that you need a grand panoramic view with a brilliant sun and rich colours in order to take artistic compositions while travelling. Well, finding interesting and unique compositions can be found everywhere and anytime if you are focused on them and waiting for all the elements to come together until they instantly reveal themselves. Sometimes the wait is long and you feel like just putting the camera away and "letting it go" (no pun intended). Sometimes, you can't help but notice how every single thing that you look at seems to be part of a cool composition at just the right angle.

While at Disney World this past March I, of course, brought my camera and a few pieces of gear that I carried with me in a backpack pretty much the entire trip. I had a few lenses, a polarizing filter, an 8 stop neutral density filter (basically, sunglasses for my lens that allows me to darken down any scene so I am not stuck with the available light which was usually extremely bright and intense), and extra batteries. Oh ya, on top of this, I was also either pushing a stroller, carrying multiple bags or doing both at the same time. I also didn't have the luxury of waiting and attempting multiple pictures to "get it right" because Sheena and our two girls didn't have the patience for dad to take 5 minutes per picture considering we were surrounded by rides and games that took priority. So, what you see is on the fly photography that really means I needed to see the composition first (while walking) and then dial in all my settings (while walking) and then finally capture the scene (usually, while walking as well). It's great practice to think on your toes and think like a camera. 

The main point is that, compositions like these, are everywhere and require some focus and a lot of patience. Once your mind is thinking "photography", things will fall into place. Enjoy and think about all the compositions that may be in front of you right now!