Toronto Wedding Photography - Ashlee & Mike's Wedding - Eagles Nest Golf Club

Ashlee and Mike couldn't have asked for a more picture perfect wedding day when they tied the knot in mid-Otcober at the stunning Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple, Ontario. Sheena and I were really excited for this day because we knew that the colours would be popping and that Ashlee and Mike would be so much fun to work with seeing how, not long ago, we spent an afternoon with them taking their engagement pictures by the lake in Toronto. We met Ashlee downstairs in the girls' locker room getting her hair and make up finished. We used the mirrors and changed our lenses a lot to get a good variety of this laid back start to the day. Sheena and Vivek set up Ashlee's dress outside overlooking the golf course since the light was so nice. We then had a bit of time to hang with Mike and learn about some of the personal items he wanted to keep close to him on this special day.

We found a great location for Ashlee and Mike's first look that overlooked the vibrant scenery as well as the site where the ceremony would soon be. Ashlee hooked us up with a cart and we decided to take a drive and make stops along the way. There were so many amazing elements and textures so the most difficult part for us was knowing that we only had about an hour to work with. We used the great vista up the hill, winding paths that circled the greens and the club as well including an awesome iron eagle statue that I loved!  

It was so great to see Ashlee and Mike's vision of a brilliant fall outdoor ceremony become a reality. There is such a warmth being a part of an outdoor ceremony that is highlighted by the low sun and deep orange tones that blanket the entire space. After breaking the glass and sealing the deal it was time for the excitement that was building all day to let lose and it started right away with the pig dance that Mike's friends showcased including a stuffed pig on a platter being showered with money while eating and taking shots of alcohol. Of course, dressing up as hula girls and playing the drums off their bikini tops was essential. 

Ashlee and Mike's reception was such a blast and there were so many memorable moments for us that it was hard only selecting a few for the blog. We really loved Mike's intimate set on stage where he performed the same song he proposed to Ashlee with. And, as if this party needed any more excitement, it was on the same night as our Toronto Blue Jays were playing in their divisional series as they went on to win on this amazing night. 

Thnaks so much  for trusting us to capture your wedding day and we can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon adventures when you return. 

Gary, Sheena + Vivek